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How Much Does a Tile Roof Installation Cost in North Port, Florida?

If you're in the market for a new roof and you're considering tile, you're probably wondering how much it will cost. Tile roofs are a popular option here in North Port, Florida due to their beauty and durability. But like any other home improvement project, the cost of a tile roof installation can vary depending on a number of factors. In this article, we'll take a look at some of those factors and give you an idea of what to expect if you decide to go with tile.

If you just want the fast numbers typical tile roof installations in Florida can start at around $15,000 for a smaller sized home (under 2000 square feet) and they go up from there as the size of the home increases and the complexity of the project increases. $25,000, $35,000, $50,000 or more is not an uncommon cost to replace a tile roof on a much larger home in North Port, Florida.

No, tile roofing certainly isn't cheap but it is extremely durable and can last 50 years or more if it's installed properly by a roofing professional. It is a great roofing material for our hot, sunny climate, and it's also extremely durable for the crazy storms and even hurricanes we are subject to here.

If you plan on staying in your home for a very long time then a tile roof can be a solid investment.

What Factors Contribute To The Cost Of Your Tile Roof?

#1. Accessibility:

How accessible is your roof? Can we easily get our trucks and equipment close to your home? Tile is an incredibly heavy roofing material and if we can't get close to the home we need to factor the additional labor into the cost of the project. You can help with accessibility by ensuring that vehicles, boats, or RV's are moved out of the way so we can get our equipment close to the home.

#2. The Size Of Your Roof:

Obviously, the size of your roof will affect the cost of the installation. A small roof will cost less than a large roof, that's just common sense. Tile roofing is generally priced in units called "Squares". 100 square feet of roofing space is equal to 1 square. This gives us a base price for roofing materials only and this calculation doesn't usually include other variables that we'll discuss below.

When you hire a contractor to install a tile roof they must take careful measurements of your home to determine the square of your roof. Being short on materials can cause unnecessary delays and a material overage can waste thousands of dollars on roofing materials that cannot be returned. When calculating the amount of tiles needed for your roof we generally try and calculate a slight overage to allow for any tile breakage, or small variations when measuring a complex roof line.

#3. The Type Of Tiles Used:

There are many types of roofing tiles available on the market today. Clay, concrete, and slate are all popular choices for tile roofing. The type of tile you choose will have an effect on the cost of your installation.

Clay tiles are generally the most expensive option, followed by slate tiles and then concrete tiles are usually the least expensive. Each material has it's pros and cons so it's important to discuss this with your roofing contractor. Your roofing contractor may have a specific type or style of tile they prefer to work with.

#4. Additional Materials Used:

There is more to your tile roof than just the tiles! You're also going to need roofing underlayment which is laid out and fastened to your roof decking. You'll also need flashing for all valleys and seams, you'll need proper drip edge, and various fasteners and caulking to round out the list.

The larger the roof the more expensive your additional materials are going to be. Ensure your contractor is using a high-quality underlayment (better underlayment is generally heavier and more durable) and they are also using high-quality flashing and fasteners. If you're spending the money for a tile roof it's not a good idea to try and save money on the incidental materials by choosing lower quality.

#5. Tearing Off The Old Roof:

If your home doesn't currently have a tile roof then your contractor will need to tear off the old roof before they can install the new one. This process is called "roof tear-off" or "roof demolition". The price of this service will be determined by the size of your roof and how difficult it is to remove the old roofing materials and how expensive the disposal cost is. This will typically involve renting a large dumpster and having a waste management company haul it away.

Homes with multiple layers of old roofing (a common way to save money) can be more difficult and time-consuming to tear off which will drive up the price.

Additionally, if your home has a complex roof line with many hips, valleys, or dormers this can also add to the cost of roof tear-off because it just takes more time.

#6. What Was The Old Roofing Material?

The roofing material you had installed on your home before will also affect the cost of a new tile roof installation. Materials like asphalt shingles are not near as heavy as roofing tiles with tiles being about twice as heavy per square foot. If your old roof isn't up to the task of handling the heavier materials it is almost more cost effective to choose a different roofing material.

Are You Getting Multiple Estimates For Your Tile Roof?

Don't assume all estimates are the same! It's really important to make sure that you're comparing apples to apples when it comes to tile roofing estimates. The cheaper option isn't always the better option. They could be using cheaper tiles, lower quality underlayment, and not completing some of the important aspects of your roof such as the installation of flashing and a drip edge.

Everyone wants to save money but your roof is what protects your family and the contents of your home from our elements. A leaking roof will quickly make you forget the sweetness of that low-price when you're looking for another roofing contractor to come and repair the issues.

Who's The Best Tile Roofing Contractor In  North Port Florida?

Tropical Roofing Services LLC specializes in tile roofing installations throughout Charlotte County area. If you're searching for a tile roofing contractor near me then we believe we're one of the best you're going to find.

We can replace an old or worn out tile roof or install a new tile roof for a new construction home. Our pricing is very competitive, we only use the highest quality materials, and our installations are completed to manufacturer specifications so you qualify for the maximum roofing warranty.

We've given you a range of prices for the cost of a tile roof installation starting at $15,000 and going up to $50,000 or more depending on the size of the project. If you'd like a firm number for the cost of your tile roof we're going to need to come out and view your project.

If you're ready to get a tile roof installed on your home in North Port, Florida then we invite you to request a free estimate from our team of experienced roofers by calling (941) 312-1337 or filling out our online estimate request form.

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