What To Look For When Replacing Your Tile Roof

Replacing Your Tile Roof: What To Look For

Tile is a popular roofing material used on Florida homes. Tile roofing is extremely durable and because it’s a heavier material it is also resistant to the high winds we are subject to, especially along the coast. The typical tile roof on a Florida home could easily last 25-50 years if it was installed properly.

However, even tile roofs need to be replaced eventually and when that time comes there are a few things you’ll want to keep in mind. One of the most important factors to consider is the weight of the new tiles. Tile roofs in Florida are often installed with a clay or concrete tile. While these tiles are very durable, they are also quite heavy. If your roof trusses are not engineered for the additional weight of a heavier tile then adding several hundred pounds of new tiles could be too much weight for the structure to bear and could cause damage or even failure.

Another thing to consider is the climate. Tile roofs can be very hot in the summer sun. If you live in an area that gets a lot of sun, then you’ll want to make sure the tile you select is rated for high heat. There are some newer tile products on the market that are designed to reflect the sun’s rays and keep your home cooler in the summer.

When selecting a new tile roof it’s important to work with a qualified roofing contractor. They will be able to help you select the right tile for your home and install it properly so it lasts for many years.

There Are 5 Main Components To Your Tile Roof

#1. Roof Decking: You roof decking is usually sheets of plywood laying on top and fastened to your trusses. This provides a nice flat surface for your underlayment, battening, and tile-roof shingles. If you roof has been damaged or has been leaking it’s important that the roof decking be thoroughly inspected for any potential rot or other damage. When your roof is torn down to the decking layer it’s very easy to replace sections of roof decking. It’s not so easy after the roof has been installed.

#2. Underlayment: This is a layer of felt or other synthetic material that is laid over your roof decking. It provides a moisture barrier and protects your roof decking from water intrusion. When comparing roofing bids you want to make sure you’re getting a high quality underlayment as it’s an integral part of the roofing system.

#3. Battening: These are horizontal strips that are laid across the roof. The battening lifts up the tiles and keeps them up off of the underlayment which allows water to efficiently drain and also provides air flow that can improve insulation and keep the air circulating. This is especially important in a climate like Florida where heat and humidity are a daily occurrence.

#4. Flashing: Your roof flashing is thin strips or sheets of metal that are installed in your roof valleys, around roof protrusions and anywhere that a roof/wall seam meets. The flashing prevents water from getting into your roof at any seam by redirecting it onto the roof so it can drain properly. Poorly installed flashing or completely missing flashing is one of the most common roofing mistakes that we see and it can cause significant damage to your roof if left unchecked. Flashing should be fabricated on-site if you are replacing your tile roof and it’s never a good idea to reuse old flashings.

#5. Tile: The tiles are the final layer on your tile roof and provide the main barrier of protection from the elements. They also give your roof a nice aesthetic and improve your curb appeal. Tiles come in a variety of materials, styles, patterns, and colors, so the choice can sometimes be overwhelming. If you choose a good tile roofing contractor they will be able to discuss your various options and help you choose the tile that is right for your budget and your home.

How Much Does A New Tile Roof Cost?

The quick answer is that tile roofing is not cheap! Tile roofs usually cost more than traditional asphalt shingle roofs, but they also tend to last twice as long so the overall cost is often lower with a tile roof in the long run if you plan on living in your home for a very long time.

The average price for a new tile roof ranges from $8.00 to $20.00 per square foot, depending on the type of tile you choose and the complexity of the installation.

Generally roofs that have a steeper pitch can cost more money as they are more difficult for our roofing crews to work on and the labor cost is significantly higher than on low-sloped roofs.

Who Installs Tile Roofing In Fort Lauderdale, Florida?

Tropical Roofing Services LLC is a roofing contractor based out of North Port and specializes in tile roofing systems. From tile roofing repairs to tile roofing replacements and tile roof installations for new construction, our team will be able to help you with all of your tile roofing needs.

If you’d like to schedule a FREE estimate for your tile roofing project please give us a call at (941) 312-1337 or fill out our online contact form and we’ll get right back to you.

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