Roof Restoration In North Port, Florida

Modified Bitumen Roof Restoration North Port, Florida

Do you have a modified bitumen or torch down roof on your commercial building that is in need of some repairs?  Before you consider a costly replacement it's worth having the roof inspected to see if we can restore the roof first.  Modified bitumen can slowly break down over time, it can shrink, cracks start to form around corners, drains, and vents, and the roof can be begin leaking.  The roof restoration process can fix these issues and extend the life of your roof.

Tropical Roofing Services LLC is a licensed, and insured roofing company based out of North Port, Florida and serving the surrounding area.  We specialize in modified bitumen roof restoration projects.  We can breathe life into an old roof and extend it's service life saving you significant amounts of money over a total roof replacement.

Restoration Or Replacement Of Your Modified Bitumen Roof?

There are several signs to look for when considered the replacement of a modified bitumen roof.  Restoration can certainly save you money over a replacement but not all roofs can be repaired, sometimes you really do need a new roof.

Here are some common signs you need to repair or replace your modified bitumen flat roof:

  • Delamination - This happens when the layers of the membrane have separated or slipped and it creates bubbles in the material, these can be more easily punctured and cause roof leaks.  Delamination can be repaired.
  • Tears, Cracks Or Punctures – If the roof has visible storm damage such as cracks, tears, or punctures?  These can often be repaired.
  • Previous Repairs – Has you roof already had extensive repairs to keep extending it's life?  This can make a roof a candidate for replacement.
  • Loose or Exposed Fasteners – As the roof naturally expands and contracts during different temperature swings it can loosen fasters, they will come to the surface, and they can cause leaks in the roof.  If this is a problem in only a small area, it's usually easily fixed.  If it's affecting the entire roof, it's a candidate for replacement.
  • Deterioration From Grease – This is a very common problem with flat roofed buildings with food services or restaurants operating within.  The grease coming out of the exhaust vents can accumulate and then deteriorate the materials around the vents causing leaks.  This can usually be repaired.
  • Roof Wasn't Installed Correctly To Begin With – There are various clues that an experienced roofer can spot to determine if the roof was installed properly or not.  If your roof wasn't installed correctly due to shoddy workmanship, it's not often something that can be repaired.  It should be removed and replaced.

Types Of Buildings That We Can Repair

If your building has a flat roof with modified bitumen as a roofing material then we can probably help you.  Here are some of the types of buildings we work on:

  • Restaurants
  • Hotels
  • Condos and apartment buildings
  • Public facilities
  • Medical facilities
  • Shopping complexes
  • Strip malls
  • Car dealerships and garages
  • And more!

How Do We Restore Modified Bitumen Roofing?

To properly restore your modified bitumen roof there are several steps we must take to properly prepare the roof, fix any issues, and finally put a coating on top of it.

Step #1.  We must carefully wash the entire roof with special cleaners that will remove dirt, grease, mold, pollen, and other air contaminants from the surface.  As these could prevent proper bonding of the roof coating.

Step #2.  After the roof has been thoroughly cleaned we can do a detailed inspection of the roofing surface, paying special attention to corners, vents, and other roof top protrusions to check for damage and complete any necessary repairs.  It's much easier to spot any issues that need attention when the roof is clean.

Step #3.  We apply a proper primer to the roof.  This prepares the modified bitumen roof for it's new coating.  You'll get better adhesion and results if a high quality primer is used.  We apply this using a specialized sprayer.

Step #4. Before we apply the coating we apply either a roof cement or rubber coating to all seams and any penetrations on the roof which would extend the life of the roof.

Step #5.  After we've applied roofing cement to seams and penetrations on the roof we go ahead and apply either an aluminum coating, elastomeric or silicone coating.  We can determine which coating is best after we inspect your roof.

This modified bitumen roof restoration process can repair delamination, leaking seams, cracks and tears around corners, storm damage, and more.

Why Choose Tropical Roofing Services LLC For Your Modified Bitumen Roof Restoration Services

We realize that you’ve got many choices when it comes to choosing a roofing contractor in our service area.  We want you to know we understand and appreciate the commitment you are about to make to your home and we take it very seriously. When you choose Tropical Roofing Services LLC you’re choosing a partner in making your home a better place. We guarantee it!

If you’d like to receive an estimate to inspect, replace, or repair your modified bitumen roof please give us a call (941) 312-1337 or fill out our contact form and we’ll get right back to you.